Shoe Store - Fitted furniture

A really unique project to build in a shoe store with minimal depth in a cool contemporary home.

A long white box with totally bespoke 'train' sliding doors that slide in line and pull back as one door unit.  I have never seen anything quite like this, so one of a kind that I had to build my own latches.

The shoes hang up on Oak pegs, larger boots can sit end to end on the bottom.

Open the long door anywhere along its length to access the shoes.



Cool projects like this are only possible with great clients.


hangUp hooks get a re-design

hangUp skateboard hook former

hangUp skateboard hook former

With the start of 2017 I have been re-designing the hangUp skateboard hook design.

I sold a few last year in the UK and Europe, and feed back has been positive, though the hook felt that it needed to be a little more squat and a bit beefier at its bottom! for a more pleasing look. 

I want to get these great little hooks out to more skateboarders and I am aiming to gear up production to take them around the skateboarding shops here in the West Country.

To achieve this I have been working on ways to speed up the production with improved template cutting of the new shaped hooks and a lot bigger former to enable seven blanks to be glued up in one process, instead of the one at the moment.

The former is taking a lot of work to cut and glue and make accurate...though the increased output will be well worth the effort.

Working on the designing some cool graphics to add to the hooks as well, to tap into the whole urban graphic culture that surrounds skateboarding...though au naturel versions will still be available.