I am an Instructable

I have joined Instructables and started to post some of my Its a Rubbish Challenge projects as step by step how-to's.

Instructables is a great site that I have been visiting for the last couple of years mainly to learn electronics, though they have hundreds of great projects ranging from cooking, to clothes, to crafts, to woodwork, to technology and everything in-between.

It seemed to be the right place to put up my projects as I want to get the Rubbish Challenges out to as many people as possible and what better than this great site with members who want to make stuff.

So if you want to make something there is sure to be an Instructable that can help, so why not check it out at Instrcutables.com or my members page http://www.instructables.com/member/Pricklysauce


Coming soon to pricklysauce.com is a new page featuring my Its a Rubbish Challenge and some of the Instructables how-to's.