slip sliding away

An interesting design project  at the to get four bikes into a small space.

A bicycle looks small due to the minimal amount of materials and all of those holes within the structure though when you come to store them the real bulk of a bike becomes apparent.

I have been on a design journey to try to make a group of bikes take up as little space for storage in a garden and it has led me to test out what I think of as a 'bike wardrobe'.

The idea is to hang the bikes from a rail and be able to slide them to interlock into a smaller area, pushing some aside to allow the one you want to be unhooked like a shirt in a wardrobe.

My rail is a scaffold pole and I have been through a few iterations of sliders for the hanger, though the best one is a development of my first design with four bearings acting as wheels enclosed within a circular ply sandwich.

Now to design the shed....