Its a Rubbish Challenge - Dog Light

Steal the Jewels!

The fourth of my Its a Rubbish Challenge videos.  This time I make a little dog light so we can see our dog running around in the park in the dark.

I attempt to make it in an old little plastic solder dispenser tube that an AA 1.5V battery could fit into.

I soon found out that 1.5V battery wont light up a LED!

The internet is so good and I found a great little tutorial on Instructables to make a Joule Thief that steals enough power from the battery to light up the LED.  A tiny little circuit that will just squeeze into the end of the tube.

A latching switch and a conducting strip made from the fantastic graphical golden syrup tin finished off the dog light.

Golden syrup.jpg

Oh yes and attach a piece of cord and tie it to your dogs collar.  All done.