Its a Rubbish Challenge !

Today on pricklysauce's first birthday I am launching a new YouTube series on my Pricklysauce YouTube Channel.

Its a Rubbish Challenge!

Every week our recycling bins are filled up and sent off for re-processing and we all feel GREAT as we are doing our bit for the environment.

Though in reality it still is only rubbish, a lot of energy has to be used to make it usable again. Yes it is better than putting it in a hole in the ground, though wouldn't it be better to reuse than to recycle.

So Its a Rubbish Challenge is my own challenge to see what I can do with the stuff that we throw away.  I want to make this stuff into something that I want to keep either by making it useful again or by making it look great in a different way.

My plan is to upload a video every month and I do hope that you will subscribe to my pricklysauce channel to catch them as I upload each new video. And here is the first of the series for you to enjoy today, you never though the humble tin can could be so much fun!

As I am sure you are aware if you have watched any of my videos so far, I am not a natural talent in front of the camera! I am working on improving this and with practice I am sure it will get better, though please bare with me and don't be too harsh! 

I do hope that you will enjoy them and that it may inspire you to join the Rubbish Challenge.