hangUps are on their way

The first hangUp skate hooks are on their way...actually arrived with their purchasers.  Many thanks to you and I hope you enjoy them.

Any one that knows me will know, I am not a great fan of packaging and the recycling industry that has been created around it.  A green bin is only a black bin with a make over! Dont we all feel better because we are recycling and our green rubbish gets shipped over to China to be sorted?  Dosen't sound too environmental to me.  

It occured to me a few years back that the real problem is the manufacturers and the best solution is that the issue of waste is sorted out before the user has to throw it away with reduction + innovative packaging design, though the goverment dosent seem to want to seriously tackle it at source.

So here is the rub - I am now making stuff, well that is okay I think as we all want nice things, though how to package the products that I make to send out to you.  So in my small way I am going to try to act as I like to think all other manufacturers/producers should and produce minimal packaging and to reuse used materials as much as I can.  So please meet my packaging department...

...its amazing how much packaging that we throw away and those juice cartons are tough and waterproof, ideal for packaging up hangUps

The packaging that holds the screws + masonry plugs and gives some info on the product is also reused material, made from off cuts from building membrane, super tough, waterproof and breatherable! 

I came across an oragami technique called Menko that folds a square of building membrane into a little envelope to contain the fixings, that is then tied onto the hangUp.  I like the fact that a little container can be folded together with a little skill and no sticky stuff [except a little sticker on the back].  It adds a little experience to the act of opening the packaging revealing itself in layers.  My hope is that it may be kept and used again to store little things, or maybe the square can be refolded into another object... I must have a look for some other oragami ideas for the packaging.  Please let me know if you have any good suggestions.

Even if the packing is thrown away then it has already had one further use, surely this should be the future.