After shorting the electrics yesterday when washing out my cement mixer, turns out the fuse had blown and I had to mix my muck [mortar] for laying the concrete block piers for the Addition+ garden room by hand.

Not an onerous task as I didnt need too much, though it brought memories flooding back of learning to mix muck with my father as a young boy, probably 9 or 10 years old.  Not a hard skill, only one of learning the quantities, mixing the dry 'ingredients' well, making a well for the water and carefully folding in the dry sand/cement mix hoping that the walls dont break and watery cement flooding out.  For a youngster I found it physically hard as the shovel was so big for me and mixing was hard work for an undeveloped body. I loved the pattern that was left at the end of mixing that indicates that it is just right, it meant that the exertions had finished.

It reminded me of the fact that I spent a lot of my weekends and holidays helping my father, if I wanted to spend time with him then I had to work with him, that was just the way it was.  He was busy with building our house and running his business, and I believe parents had a different attitude to now, none of that entertaining the kids all the time.  We played, they got on with work, or we helped them. It taught me my skills from an early age, mostly from observing and playing at an even earlier age with the muck that my father had made, using a pointing trowel to make roads and mountains in the muck on the spot board. He must have had a lot of patience with me as I am sure I complained bitterly every time he destroyed my creation when trying to lay his bricks.

Thanks Len and wishing you a very happy Fathers Day for this Sunday.