hangUp is available now

hangUp my new range of bent birch ply hooks for hanging up skateboards and scooters is now available.  

Are your kids scooters and skateboards always kicking around and in the way?  hangUp is a simple hook to hang them up on the wall and get them out of the way.

Available in two flavours - skate is a two pronged hook designed to fit both stunt skateboards and longboards.

scooter is a single pronged hook to hangUp both stunt scooters and fold up scooters flat against a wall.  Ours fit nicely away behind the front door.

No skateboards or scooters? They work really well for coats too!

Both flavours are £10 each with a couple of pounds extra if I need to post them to you.

Look out for hangUp guitar in design stage...