Mid winter design fug

Mid winter is fast approaching with all of the usual paraphernalia - Victorian tradition, mass consumerism, religious festivals and the Christmas Card.

I jumped off the consumerist roller coaster years ago and instead enjoyed the challenge of making my own cards each winter, feels a little more personal and I like to think they are cheaper than buying cards, though in reality they are probably  not.

With the postal service in its dying days with exponentially increasing costs to send a card, my card list has reduced drastically to close family and relatives of a certain age who I guess aren't regularly on social media.  Everyone else I'm afraid gets a message on facebook.  Is it a cop out? Maybe, though I think we are in interesting times as printed media phases out and the internet ingrates into every aspect of our lives.

I struggled to design my card this year, the days ticked by, doodles and sketches just weren't doing it for me.  I think I peaked a couple years ago with my super simple reindeer card.  Three holes and a couple of antlers. How can you better that?  I kept finding that I had drawn it again on my paper.

I happened to be in Smiths in the week and saw a pack of multicoloured luggage tags.  I really like these things, they have a certain utilitarian quality, designed to do a job simply and well.  I guess they also have a traditional context to them as well, that I'm not wholly comfortable in admitting.

These tags gave me the design, a place to add a written template cut out onto, colour to complement the festival and a little whole [star shaped] to enable them to be hung on a tree.

It brings me full circle to a number of years ago when I did a whole series of Christmas tree hanging cards.

I just have to remember to send them! 

The solstice is only days away and with that it means spring will be next.  Now surely that must be a good reason to celebrate the Mid Winter.